Anti-Blue Light Computer Glasses

Frame Color: Pink
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Looking for computer reading glasses with magnification and the most scientifically-validated blue light filtering technology?

Look no further. Our Reading Day Anti-Blue Light Computer Glasses are the best reading glasses for daytime use to prevent digital eye strain and headaches.

Whether it is a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or the TV, statistics show we spend more than 11 hours a day looking at screens. Prevent tired, dry eyes, and blurry vision with these popular Blue Light Reduction Custom Reflective Glasses!

We had 100 pieces in stock since last month, people in North America purchased 75 pieces of them so far. We just have a few left hurry to get yours.

  • Vintage Rectangle Glossy Black / Glossy Black & Red frame
  • Blue Light Filtering,Reduced Glare,Anti-Scratch,Anti-Oil,UV Light Blocking,Anti-Screen Flicker,Electromagnetic Ray Blocking lens
  • non-polarized
  • Lens width: 53 millimeters
  • ☮ANTI-EYESTRAIN AND EYE PROTECTION ▶ ANYLUV blue light blocking glasses have specially crafted lenses that can block and filter out the blue light given off from digital screens. The screen glasses protect your eyes from glare and can help reduce potential damage to your retina from prolonged exposure to blue light.
  • ☮LIGHT WEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE ▶ ANYLUV Anti-blue light glasses are made of eco-friendly plastic material, which makes these computer glasses only half weight of normal eye glasses, and two times durable. To be honest, ANYLUV gaming glasses would be comfortable.
  • ☮STYLISH AND CUTE ▶ With multiple colors available, those blue light blocker glasses are stylish and cute enough to wear on the go while still being able to hold up to working or gaming long hours on a computer.
  • ☮TRANSPARENT LENS ▶ Multi-layer blue filter coating is much more effective than other non-coated glasses. This blue blocker glasses filter out almost all of blue ray while letting you see clearly and precisely. Great for close work when you want to see details. Filters out annoying glare for better safety when driving.
  • ☀ IMPROVED VIEWING EXPERIENCE OR YOUR MONEY BACK - We're so confident that our glasses will give you better screen viewing that we offer a LIFETIME money back guarantee. Your purchase is completely RISK FREE. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, simply contact us for a full refund – no questions asked.

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