Lamilêe Eyeliner

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There's nothing quite like a beautiful eye catching look. And what better way to do just that than with Lamilêe eyeliner? This silky, water-based formula is going to glide on smoothly and evenly – no residue, no mess! Your eyes will say it all when you swipe up and over beautifully for these long-lasting results. You're unbelievable even before anyone says so themselves! Let your lashes go wild with this incredible formula perfect for sensitive types of skin as well. It can't deny the truth in you – experience total peace and love by swiping now!


  1. Apply the Lamilêe Eyeliner along the lash line. 
  2. Secure the Lamilêe Eyeliner along lash-line by placing them on top of liner - no dry time needed. 
  3. To remove the Lamilêe Eyeliner, gently peel from your outer lash toward your inner eyelid. 
  4. Use the Lamilêe All-in-1 Makeup Remover to remove the Lamilêe Eyeliner. 

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